Marion Marketing Global, LLC.

Expanding Your Revenue & Your Brand

Marion Marketing Global was founded on “old school” values; a reflection of the legacy left by Marion N. Robertson a Richmond area baby boomer, blue collar, 20th Century visionary! This is coupled with our company’s integrity, creativity and a desire to optimize each client’s brand.

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Multi-Faceted Approach

MARION MARKETING GLOBAL (MMG) takes a multi-faceted approach in finding the best solution for each client’s unique situation. We do not look for easy fixes or solutions. We believe with the proper dialogue and research along with our acquired years of client knowledge, the solutions
will be revealed along with the true goals of our clients. Through this methodology and discovery, MMG develops optimum solutions and partnerships with and for our clients to grow their brand and revenue.

Excellence At Every Level

Creating “ideas married with integrated marketing campaigns” utilizing print, radio, television and digital to grow and promote a brand, a product and / or a service of a business effectively and efficiently. These skills include: media negotiation, buying and the posting of media results

Conception to completion; create, write, produce, and direct across all media platforms. Creating display ads and concepts for digital, print and outdoor advertising. Creating, writing and directing independent television and radio commercials for branding and call to action ads.

“Identity is cause; media is effect.” – Larry Ackerman